toon boom express

I draw free hand on paper. I just learned how to draw on my computer with a touch pen and pad. Now I want to enable mobility to my drawings. I was told to start out with toon boom express. I hope this is software and not a download because I have dial up! Does this software come with a tutorial, if not, which tutorial ??? should I get that would go well with this software?
Thank you!

Hi Corinne,

It is possible to get a hardcopy of Toon Boom Express has you purchase it (there is currently a promotion for Express so you might want to check the home page).

There are some tutorials that are packaged with the software but you can also try to download some extra tutorial from our eLearning section. Some might not workt with Express due to limitation but you should still have access to a couple of those.

Simply make sure to check the feature page to see if the software fits your need before purchasing and if you have any further questions feel free to ask.

Best regards,