Toon Boom Express

I was wondering what can be done in the express version? Does anyone have animations that were done in express that they can link to?

Also, it looks like you only get two pegs. Is it even worth it? As I thought pegs were used for just about everything.

You can learn and practice all of the basics of 2d animation in TBS Express. You can learn to draw characters, to layout a scene, to time and animate actions etc. What you can’t do is cutout puppet animation or any real complex stuff that requires more than two pegs. But it is perfect for anyone just starting out to use as a learning platform. When you have mastered all that you can do in Express, you will be ready to advance to Studio. So if you have a basic interest in learning to animate on a computer and you want an inexpensive tool to use to just practice and learn the basics you can do that with Express. Eventually you will have to move up to studio once you have mastered the basics. -JK

Thanks for the reply. I already have experince animating in Koolmoves. I just thought I would try another program. But for the price of the express, they should offer more pegs.

Still waiting to see some animations that are done in express. And not the basic ones that come with it.

My advice is stick with KoolMoves if you have it. Express is a great program for people just wanting to learn to animate in the traditional hand drawn approach and is a great value. Studio is priced very nicely right now and a real bargin too.

But, you sound like someone who has the misimpression that there is “magic” software that will make you into a animation wizard and that animal just doesn’t exist. You can try them all but seriously it isn’t the software that makes the difference it is the person doing the work. Seeing samples won’t mean diddle because a skilled animator can make great stuff with any software and an unskilled person will be about the same no matter what software they try.

Most software differs in terms of the workflow it best supports. Flash is very free form and many people work that way. Toon Boom is more traditional and supports a more traditional approach and workflow. The end results are the same, it is just a matter of how a cartoonist likes to work. One is not easier or harder to use than the other, just a difference in the planning process mostly. We use both and sometimes Flash is better and sometimes Toon Boom is better it really depends on the project. Jumping around and trying each flavor of software is really a waste of time and money.

And looking at finished work from one product VS another is useless, I assure you that you could never tell the difference in a piece done in Flash VS a piece done in Toon Boom unless the author told you which tool he used. Otherwise it is totally transparent and undetectable and the same goes for Express. -JK

Ummm no, but nice try. I was just looking into other software because they all have different methods of getting the job done. Sticking to one program is not always best. Some are better in one area then in others, depending on the task.