Toon Boom error menu

Toon Boom error menu

Toon Boom Harmony error menu
(Perhaps the Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 similar mistakes)

These menu is showed in the “Shortcuts” of the Preferences(Ctrl+U).
For example screen shot:

Here is the menu of the file storage path.
Please let application programmer check this:
(and I dare say that even the latest version of TBH 10.3 have the same problem)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 10.0\resources\shortcuts.xml

line number
166 longDesc=“Go to the Forth Drawing in drawing view”
“Forth” should be “Fourth”

587 longDesc=“This shortcut hides the thumbnails for selected modules.”
“selected” should be “All”

862 Activate the Contour Editor Tool.
“Contour Editor Tool” should be “Smooth Editor Tool”

897 longDesc=“Activate the Brush Tool.”
“Brush Tool” should be “Repaint Brush Tool”

988 longDesc=“Shortcut key to show/hide line textures when editing a drawing.Shortcut key to show/hide line textures when editing a drawing.”

1033 longDesc=“Shortcut to call the Edit Texture/Gradient Tool”
“call” should be “toggle”

1102 longDesc=“This is the shortcut key to flip horizontaly drawing objects in Drawing mode.”
“flip horizontaly” should be “flip vertical”

Although this innocuous, but after all is errors, fix it,please!

Thanks !

I did forward this to the R&D and QA department.


I have a question:
Why Toon Boom softwares no Chinese language edition?
and Toon Boom does not support Chinese character, unable to keyboard the Chinese character in Toon Boom software, otherwise an error.
and all double byte character are not supported,for example,Chinese, Korean and Japanese character.
change it,please!OK?
encoding use “UTF-8” can support Chinese character.
as the Photoshop software can well support Chinese character.
I’ll look forward to you.
Thanks a lot!