Toon Boom drawing APP for the Ipad

Not sure where to put this sorry if if this is the wrong place.

Have you considered making a simple app just for drawing on the Ipad. Toon Boom is quite the large program and I doubt it will be ever available on an Ipad but what about simply drawing. Toon Boom has great tools especially for vector drawing and a good layer system with the art layers for separate lines and colors and whatnot.

It would be awesome to have a simple app with just the basic tools for drawing, editing coloring and typing text, kinda like a simplified version of Adobe’s Illustrator.

Its probably just wishful thinking but I love drawing on Toon Boom and would love to be able to do so when not on the desktop. Sure thers a bunch of other vector and drawing programs for the Ipad but I much prefer Toob Boom’s tools and workflow over anything else out there. It would be nice to just be able to draw characters and backgrounds and stuff on the go and then go back on the desktop for some rigging and animation.

Or perhaps have a simplified version of Storyboard Pro as an app? Like just be able to draw and type maybe, that would be awesome as well.

Check into Procreate and Graphic. This base is already well covered. Now an animation app that is capable of quality as opposed to a toy would be a void to fill.

Oh I’ve checked all kinds of vector apps, and most of them seem ok I guess. Its just I much prefer TB’s tool kit and workflow and non of those apps even come close to it… Clip studio Paint perhaps but Im not about to pay a monthly sub for an app just for the vector options. Procreate is not a vector program btw, you can just vectorize stuff from it in another program or something like that. I might look more into Graphic again, seems like a good option.

Guess its too much to ask for a minimalistic drawing app from TB, I know theyll never do it. Still it would be great if they ever consider making an app for the ipad at all. Quality animation is out of the question I think, the Ipad might be capable of many things but it can never replace the desktop no matter what people say. Just think of cramming all the tools and panels and junk in that little space, it would be a nightmare of hidden options and practically no space. TB is already over crowded as it is, no need to make it even more nightmarish.


This probably isn’t what you’re looking for, but there’s a pretty full-featured animation app for iPad called RoughAnimator. I believe it’s raster only, no vector. And since it’s not a toy it costs about 10 bucks? can’t quite remember. A lot for a typical iPad app but beans for a potentially professional tool. Haven’t gotten a chance to use it in depth yet but it looks promising.

By the way, I would also pay for some kind of Storyboard Pro companion app for iPad.