Toon Boom disappears on Startup

Hey guys, I’m having an issue where when I launch toon boom animate, the “open scene” dialog appears but then when i create a new project or open an existing one, the software opens up all the views (timeline, brush, camera etc.) then just disappears. Not even a reisntall or system restore fixes this. If I could get some pointers on how to resolve this, that would be just grand.

Windows 7 proffessional 64-bit
AMD Phenom 9600 Quad-Core 2.30GHz
4.00 GB of RAM

While hopefully someone here might have some ideas, definitly email support.

yeah tried both of those, no use, will be emailing support now.

I’ve seen it happen that sometimes it shows up underneath all your windows, or if you’ve got a dual monitor setup, sometimes it goes onto the other monitor. You can try to trash your User Preferences file. Otherwise Support can help you out,