Toon Boom Crashes When Started On Second Monitor

I’m using Toon Boom Harmony 15 Premium on a Windows 10 machine and every time the program opens in my second monitor it freezes and starts saying “Not Responding”. If it opens in my primary monitor there are no issues. Is there any way I can fix this other than always moving the program to my main monitor before closing it or just ditching my two monitor set up.

Thanks everyone!

Could be your video card. How much VRAM does yours have? Harmony can work with as many as three displays. It is not officially supporting more than a single display but it definitely should work with two.

I have 4096 MB VRAM


That is unusual and interesting;

You open a ticket with us, email us at and provide the following;

  1. Run DXDIAG in your machine and provide a screenshot of all the tabs available to you.

  2. Go to ‘Event Viewer’ and obtain the log of the crash so we can analyze and identify the cause.
    2.1 Within your search option type ‘Event Viewer’ and open it
    2.2 Go to Windows Logs and high light ‘Application’
    2.3 Highlight the one with ‘Error’ and take a screenshot of the ‘General’ tab

Thank you in advance.

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

I’m having the exact same problem, did anyone figure out how to fix it?