Toon Boom Crash

This is mostly for you, Ugo, to keep these things documented.

Toon Boom crashed when I was looping a 10 second animation, with sound playback enabled. The animation kept looping, but the sound only played once. After a couple of soundless cycles the entire application shut down.

Hi Will,

Are you currently doing the playback directly in the application?

I tried to reproduce the behavior with what material I had and did not manage to do it. Although, this might be related to the hardware not being able to keep up with loading the sound. If you playback stuff directly inside the application it seem to be reloading the track on every loop (which explains the desynchronization) and I guess that since the track is trying to load over and over you basically run out of memory and the software closes.

In any case, if you want to have a good feel of what the animation should be you should at least preview it for the synch will be much better in a preview (since it does a render the info is kept in memory). If you want to preview only one part of the animation I would personally do an export of the playback range to swf and make sure my sound is streamed.

If you want us to do some test with your scene let us know and we will provide you a link to upload the file.

Best regards,