Toon Boom Conference

I have done far more driving that I would have liked this holiday season, giving me ample time for daydreaming. It turns out that Texas to Florida is not a minor jaunt.

One of the things I thought of was a Toon Boom Conference. Has this ever been done or proposed? I attented Flash Forward a few months ago and I learned a LOT about Flash, and that’s not even what I use everyday. It sure would be nice if there was an annual conference that let us all see each other face to face. It could only help to build a stronger community.

Hope everybody had a great holiday season.

Rock on,

I think that sounds like a fun and interesting idea. So many things could be done with that.

If we put something together for a time and place in mid to late 07 I can start putting away cash for the trip. Or if we have it in the bay area (san jose), it’d be in my back yard. It would be great if a few different folks could cover different topics over a day or two.

I think it’s worth doing on its own, but it would also work as an attachment to another conference. I personally like the idea of running it on its own, though.

I agree that on it’s own would be preferable. If they had enough time to prepare, I bet there would be a couple of professional studios that use Toon Boom that would be willing to co-sponsor such an event.

This is an idea worth persuing. Perhaps it could take place during Comicon or Siggraph or that new Animation festival in Oregon.
Or Ottawa.

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I have mentioned the idea to our marketing departement and so far they seemed very enthusiastic about the idea.

I can’t guarantee anything yet but I will keep you informed if something is to happen.

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I suspect that a group of motivated users might push the realization along faster than the TB staff. Last Summer I went out to Vloggercon in SF. It was organized by 3-4 people and had a couple of hundred in attendance and at least 7-8 companies with sponsorship roles.

Hi Hasslehead,

You might be right on that one but I just wanted to let you know. In any case keep up the good work.

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