Toon Boom Certification ??

Hi Animators,

somebody can explain to me what is the “Toon Boom Certification” ??

is a full training? exam? test?
how you get prepared for the exam?
and how you can get certificated ?


Can I get certificated online or I have only to do it in person? :slight_smile:

there is any preparation information? study plan? before the Exam ?

I requested information before and never heard anything…

I’m also wondering if they need a toon boom harmony software for the exam.

According to current information on this website the exam is given in person only and conducted by a “Toon Boom Trainer or with an authorized institution.”

You have to have access to the software in order to become proficient enough to pass the exam. The certification is just a test of your existing skills not a training ending with certification. There are three levels, the highest being a professional level which requires work files you submit in which you created with the software. The exam itself appears to consist of questions and not live demonstration of knowledge utilizing the software during the exam.

“Exams are challenging; making use of simple recall of facts and on–the-job types of problem solving. Questions include multiple-choice single answer, multiple-choice and multiple answers.”

Our certification is mostly centered around two different types: Professional and Associate.

Associate is currently designed for the educational level, to help test software and animation knowledge. As mentioned above, this is usually done with one of our educational partners.

Professional is currently designed for those with experience working in a studio environment, and it tests a broad range of skills from basic concepts to rigging principles.

If you’d like more information about either one just ask and I’ll answer the best I can! I am actually the one who handles sending out the Professional exam and then giving it to one of our awesome trainers when it comes back so that they can correct it.

Hi dstruble.

I have a question.

can i still get the certification even after i consumed the 30 day trial of Harmony 16?

You would need to pay for Harmony in order to complete our Professional exam since our exam has a practical component and is not just a question and answer based exam. Our Professional exam also costs money.

If you’d like me to put you in touch with someone who can give you more information on the exam, just let me know!


I took the certification exams.

I will share with you, it is easy as long as you have the software or borrow a licensed computer and just do it at someone’s studio.

The series of tests will go over basic drawing and tool uses. Then you will have to show ink and paint ability, multi plane, rigging capability and finish a full scene.
They also ask to show effects like shadows, shading and some other abilities that is software specific. They will give you the files and just follow the instructions and then after you will easily complete the first few sets. I found no problem with it, easy as long as you know how to use the software.

Is it useful? Only if you are looking to be certified instructor in a region to teach in university, it helps if you have it.

I teach in Shanghai, certified by Shanghai Government, as Master Animator, to go into their Tech school and teach, and taught traditional and digital animation, then un officially taught Toon Boom in the region for a while since there is no Toon Boom in China, until they opened up 2 weeks ago, so it is part of the package to get certified to help but honestly, you have to know how the software then get the certification.

thanks for this bro.

It is also good to have on an animator’s resume.