Toon Boom Cambridge acquisition

Will Toon Boom be resurecting the IK and joint system that was in
Animo Vectors? It seems more sophisticated than TB’s.
See demo on You Yube here:

Wow. That was available way back then? I agree with the description of that video…years later, we still don’t have that. Why not? Seems like if a vector engine like that existing back then, we’d have something that can make animations directly from our dreams by now.

I agree. Maybe Toon Boom will adopt some of the tech from Vectors.
Who knows.

Why Cambridge sat on this software all these years is odd.
Given the skyrocketing cheap computing power and intense interest in computer animation through the '90s.

I’d be happy if Toon Boom created decent training material for the software
they are selling.

So haphazard. Not like Adobe.

Did you use Animo Vectors?