Toon Boom business as usual: Once again this forum goes to the rats, spider webs and dust of total neglect.

Promises promises Toon Boom never changes its predictable pattern. The dedicated employee and commitment to this forum has been declared a laughable number of times. Just look at all the SPAM left for weeks. Don’t use Covid-19 as an excuse either. Every other tech company in the world is utilizing their workforce from their homes. There is no excuse for letting this forum go to the rats, spider webs and dust of total neglect.

Hi o0Ampy0o,

You’ve been an amazing help on these forums and I understand why you are so frustrated. Our forums may be older and archaic (and a full revamp is still coming!) but we have taken numerous measures to ensure that these forums get some love and attention each day:

  1. We have a new employee, astonge.toonboom, who is helping me take care of the forum every day. Prior to her joining the team, it was just me and I had so much to do during the day that it was difficult to reply to every post. As a team, both astonge.toonboom and I will be monitoring the forum much more closely.
  2. No major spam has ever been left for weeks unless it happened in a thread that was not reported. If you feel that you have reported a piece of spam and it was missed by us, please let us know at so we can get it cleaned up ASAP.
  3. As for the general spam: Typically our forum gets between 50-150 spam posts a day and we make sure to clean up said spam a few times a day. This covers most of the major spam. The exception is weekends and holidays, where we catch up on mass spam removal the next working business day.

As you can see, we are actively working on supporting our forum and we will continue to actively support our forum daily. We have long term plans for the Toon Boom community and the forum is very much a major part of that, and we do have a major forum overhaul in the works that did have its project timeline impacted due to COVID-19, but it is back on the list as a high priority project right now. We are hoping to roll out at least the alpha/beta of the new look and feel by early next year (January-March) time frame but until then we will continue to work on action plans and daily forum support.

As mentioned earlier, we totally understand why you are frustrated, we are too and we are actively working on fixing it every day. As always, if you’d like to continue this conversation please email us at Have a nice day!