toon boom automatically shuts down

hi there,

first of all - GREAT PROGRAM so far. right now im doing the Tutorial in the Users Guide and its really fun.

But i have a big problem this time. its about the colouring, i want to make a gradient but as soon i touch the first marker in the gradient bar Toon Boom automatically shuts down. No error message or something it just shuts down.

Any ideas what to do?

uh, yeah, some information. i got the toon boom 3 trial version, wich is actually the newest in the download section on this site. I´m running TB on a P4 3.2 512 RAM and a ATI X800 graphic card. i think direct x 9.0 c is the directx version. if anythings missing just tell me, i´m thankful for a bit of help.


Hi Kme,

I suppose you are encountering this problem in the tutorial file. This is an issue related to the file, there was some corruption introduced in the actual palette over the transfer from v2 to v2.5 to v3. This problem can only be seen in that specific file (and the lesson 1) and can be worked around. What you mainly need to do is to create a new palette and use new colors and you will see that everything is working fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This problem has not yet be seen on 3.5 (I didn’t manage to reproduce it) so you shouldn’t worry about encountering it if you ever plan on buying the software.

Hope you enjoy the software ;D If you have any other problems make sure to let us know.

Best regards,