Toon Boom App "8.1" for IPad Pro


I’ve had Toon Boom versions 7/ 8.1 for years, I also own Anime Studio / Moho and Clip Studio. I recently started back using Toon Boom for FBF drawings again. I am using Astropad to draw through my IPad and thought; Why can’t Toonboom release 8.1 series as an app for IPad pro?? They already have the newest animation software for computers already selling, Harmony etc… - why not introduce a new crop of ToonBomers to a very comprehensive professional style animation software? Think this could also be another stream of revenue by re-distributing an old favorite on a new platform. There is no real animation drawing app for IPad (Ok – clip studio just threw their hat in the ring… but “TOOMBOOM!!” --“THE” animation software of pros!! That would be AWSOME!!!) If Toon Boom where to sell this I would be first in line to purchase it. Anyway, Just a thought … What do you guys think?

I would SERIOUSLY consider using Harmony and/or Storyboard Pro on an iPad. Even if it was a watered down version compared to the desktop (like Photoshop Sketch for iOS vs the full desktop version of Photoshop CC), I think it would be a good intro for new users of the program and a way to sketch ideas for pros on the go.

Thumbs up from me, Dremond.

I don’t think it’s possible to have an iPad app as functional as the desktop software. iPads have certain inherent hardware and software limitations. An iPad app would have to be just a pared down companion app, I’m pretty sure. But that could still be extremely useful for preliminary rough work, and also for directors’ notes if the main desktop project could be exported as a simplified ipad project that allows the director to annotate on a layer on the iPad, then re-import back into the desktop project. This would be very useful for both animation and storyboards.

Also there is a pretty decently featured animation app for iPad right now called RoughAnimator. I bought it but haven’t had time to get into it deeply yet, but looks somewhat promising.