Toon Boom Announces Harmony 14 at MIFA

I think this deserves a new thread.

Luis Canau

Harmony 14 is the best release to date.

As I think about this I am justifiably hopeful but I am holding back as it is a statement which needs more time to be supported by evidence.

What does this really mean? Of course there is the element of product hyping. On the neutral side, every release ought to be cumulative so inherently better than the previous. A disastrous release would be one where changes make it inferior. Taken at face value it would mean that the improvements surpassed what had been offered previously.

Being the best yet I would expect something better than the introduction of the Curve Deformer or Bitmapped Layer options, for instance. The Curve Deformer is pretty cool to me.

I am still looking for a Toon Boom tutorial of 12’s Envelope Deformer, if anyone knows of anything. I only assume Harmony 12’s introduction sequence utilized it in the character on skates.

From the photo on Facebook.

What’s New?

Deep image compositing
Sync layer for drawings
Animate 3D model parts

I wonder why they skipped from 12 to 14? Is it just a superstition thing? Like how some buildings don’t have a 13th floor? Is it really all about Triskaidekaphobia? :smiley:

Other than that I hope they post more info soon, hey lcanau, did you see that one screen shot of the new Flash script/icon? That does not concern me but I really didn’t see any new icons that were unfamiliar per se.

wait, no version 13 ??? JAJAJA really :wink:

mmmm, let’s see the new things this time, I hope new tools from the collaboration with SPA studios project “KLAUS” :wink:

I just find it really funny that they said there won’t be a toonboom 13 implying a name change and then announce…14!

Still, really excited to see the new stuff.

Well, there’s a roll-up at the Annecy booth with both the SPA Studios and Toon Boom logo and an animator from the studio was there demoing the software. I hope we can see a few videos online in the following days. I was told on Facebook the new version will be available in the beginning of July.

Luis Canau

Hi lcanau,

where did you get these infos about the new features?

Deep image compositing
Sync layer for drawings
Animate 3D model parts

I can’t find them anywhere.


As I mentioned, on Facebook. Browse the photos from Annecy, it’s on their stand. This is one of the photos where you can read it, even though Facebook reduces the image quality.

Luis Canau

OK, cool.

Thanks a lot.

This version includes powerful tools for drawing, painting and animating which allow artists to create work in any artistic style they choose.

I hope this means achieving the look of traditional art mediums.

Beginning of July will be much sooner than the “early fall” I was told.

Webinar July 5th:

What’s New In Harmony 14

Well, the interface looks like Harmony 12.3, let’s see what’s under the hood.

when we know the news that brings harmony, apart from that mention lcanau.

Actual accessibility by users, when Toon Boom is ready to present it for purchasing and downloading.

I imagine there will be teasers and formal ads released leading up to the date it becomes available.

Toon Boom mentioned the beginning of July and scheduled a webinar to introduce the new version for 5 July - link posted above -, so they might just release more info and demos by then, but I hope some ‘teaser’ to appear before. I guess nobody that went to Annecy and watched the demo is reading the thread.

Luis Canau

Date has been changed to July 6, 2016.

yeah that sucks doesn’t it, offset my whole plans for that day.
Date has been changed to July 11, 2016