Toon Boom Animate

Hello, Support

I attended one of the Animate lectures in Portland Oregon. I have a free trial of Animate to try.

However once it was installed I opened it for the first time and it crashed and it keeps crashing?

I am running OSX 10.5.1 2G and a dual processor on a powerbook. Do I need a patch or is there another problem?

I downloaded a free copy of Animate and had the same problem? I tried the disk first with no luck. The only thing I am able to access is the videos. It seemed to register through the internet fine and the access code worked but it keeps crashing when I open?

you mean intel’s ‘macbook pro’ or ‘powerbook’ (ppc)?
have you checked the specs and your free disk space?
have you tried to re-install the program?
have you checked the console output, too?


Can’t get the Animate PLE to run om my PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8 GHz. I have Mac OSX 10.4.11. Do I have to upgrade my Mac to be able to run Animate or what?

according to the system requirements

animate and animate pro run only on intel macs with leopard (10.5).



As explained above the main reason why the software is not running is that the processor generation of your Mac is not actually supported. You would need to get and intel mac for the software to work.

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