Toon Boom Animate Tutorials

In case you missed it in the latest TB Newsletter, CartoonSmart is beginning a series of free TB Animate video tutorials. Take a look here for the first two.

I think these are superb. Bound to get everyone up and running very quickly. Thanks for the heads up, Guitarist!

My pleasure! I’m looking forward to more of them myself.

Nice, very nice !!!
CartoonSmart, The Best !!! thanks a lot.

Here’s a new video tutorial on character rigging, complete with a movie and reference files.

Yeeesss!!! thanks a lot!!!

These are great! Thanks for the much needed jump start. Keep 'em coming.

Here’s a z-axis mini tutorial along with some brief clips of shots created in Animate. Nice turnaround here. And here’s a multiplane clip.

Thanks for this!

Thanks Guitarist! :slight_smile: