Toon Boom Animate Random Crash II

I’m having the same problem with Animate as the other person who reported a problem a couple of days ago. The program stops running without warning or error codes. It seems to be associated with erase/draw cycles. I am running XP-64 on a Dual Xeon E55440 2.53 GHz machine. The Ram is 12 Gig and I am utilizing a Cintique table.

This is frustrating, so if you have any ideas, I am open to them.


Did you try on a 32 bits OS?

Also, which video card is installed on your machine? Make sure to update your video card drivers.

Also, are you able to reproduce by following a specific pattern?



First, I don’t think it is the 64 bit OS as I had it on a different machine with the same OS and didn’t have a crash problem. The current graphics card is a Nvidia GeForceF1 285 GTX While the machine is brand new, there was a driver update available for the graphics card that is now installed.

The only other difference between the stable system and the current one is that I am using Kaspersky Internet security 2010 for the system security.

I will let you know if I continue to experience this problem.