Toon Boom Animate & Pro tutorial site

Hello guys,
I am a new user to Toon boom family (just 2 months older) & using Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 (free upgraded from 1 during offer). For me, learning Toon Boom from the kick start pack was not enough & really took some time to search & find out tutorials that could make my life easier with TBA.

So, I thought about a plan that If I make a such website where I can put all the tutorials available throughout internet (take their permissions) & put it in one place & categorize it, it would be really helpful for everyone including me.

Therefore, I have been working on this website from a month & I’m almost done but now the things I need is the permissions of tutorial makers, Toon Boom team & your suggestions.

I would like to happily add all the tuts you guys provide & put your name in the title. I will not take any pride of this. Send the videos to me or more preferred option will be just upload your tutorials in any video sharing website (or if you have already uploaded) and mail me the link of it & I’ll put it in no time. Nothing will be used commercially.

First of all, what do you think about this plan?
& I don’t know If I’ll need to take permission from Toon Boom to do this (please tell me about this if any Toon Boom team available in forum).
I need help, information & suggestions + links of tutorials :wink:

Mail me the links in

Thanks a lot in advance,

If this becomes successful, I will make the site even bigger & even include the tutorials of other Toon Boom products too. :slight_smile: has a lot of the tutorials grouped together.

You are welcome to embed mine with credit. Like is in my signiture plus if you subscribe you will get notifications when new ones are coming (which they are soon!)

Thanks a lot TheRaider. I’ll put up your tutorials with credit.

I also got the permission & assistance from the Toon Boom support team for the website.

Soon enough I’ll release the website link in the forum for everyone.

Till then, if anyone has some tutorials, please mail me the links.

Thank you.

Sandy I actually started building something similar a few days ago, and although the idea seemed good at the time, I am freaken exhausted, and I am always itching to get back to my project(s). Specially since my family suprised me with a Cintiq last week. They said they where tired of hearing me cry about wanting one sooo bad, I guess they haven’t heard my cries for Animate PRO. ::slight_smile:

SO I am GLAD you are doing it. ;D Good luck and if you need any assistance I would be glad to help.

Hey Alex,
Thanks for supporting me. I’ll let you know If i need any help. Congrats on the Cintiq… its totally cool & awesome.

I would really like to get some tutorial links if you have any. Since I’m using GUI software to design the website, the scripting part is not bothering me much :slight_smile: [Still get time to play Call of Duty 5 & COH :P]

Animate Pro is awesome & its even cheaper than Cintiq :stuck_out_tongue: I always want to work on a cintiq & hope that day is coming soon XD

Congrats & Good luck



Hey guys, are there any good tutorials to learn how to make some cool effects like water reflection & fire or lava… anything? Some tutorials are available in but its in flash & I’m new to Toon Boom. I want to learn to make some cool effects XD

Thanks in advance.

None that I am aware of yet.

Water reflection is something i am very interested in at the moment. I just watched a very simple animation with with a water reflection and it really added a lot to the scene.

I have some templates for water reflections, lava etc that I’m willing to share but I will need to build a sample scene and instructional sheets on how to create, modify, and apply these effects.

In most scenarios, these effects involve a combination of effects animation, effects modules network, and the manipulation of existing scene assets and sometimes assets created in a third party application to achieve the desired visual image.

I’m a 13-14 year Toon Boom user with a lot of production experience to share. I’ve been planning and mapping out my own project to create a site where I Can share my knowledge and experiences with others using Storyboard Pro, Animate Pro and Harmony etc. Somewhere anyone from novice to pros can go and find useful and relevant info and help. I really want to give back to the community and pass on what I can. My idea is to provide the basic building blocks that can be combined to meet the needs of users and projects. Keep it simple, and making the most of existing and newly created assets. This has always been my approach(more or less).

(I dabbled in Studio a bit) so this is just what I’m looking for!
This will be great for TB and it’s users.

This will help cut down on the initial intimidation factor of the first dive into the pool that is all TB software.
A lot of people learn faster by seeing an example rather then reading a manual. I know I do. ;D

Hey itsjamest,

Thanks a lot. It will be really great to get a tutorial from from you (a Toon Boom Veteran user).
And I should also thank the Toon Boom community that is making this possible.
Everyone, thanks a lot for encouraging me to get this done. I’m not a professional web designer, I’m a character animator and I’m using the simple animation theory of ‘KISS’ to design this website. ‘KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID’ & i guess that would be very user friendly.

I’m almost done with the website & hopefully it will be online next week :slight_smile:

I found a Toon Boom Digital Pro tutorial on creating effects in water but didn’t got time to apply it on Animate Pro. I don’t know will it work on Animate Pro or not. I’ll put that up in the site & lets see if that helps. ::slight_smile:

Well, First of all, I would like to apologize for taking so much time to design the website. The reason behind it is that I re-designed the whole website from scrap again after I received some reviews about it. Well, the good thing about that is that now I’m adding more features in the website. Some of those are:=>Better organized tutorials and very user friendly UI.=>Multi-language support.=> A newly added ’ section.What is the STORE section and why is it so important?=> It is a section where you will get be able to buy tutorials of Cartoon Smart. You’ll be able to buy Toon Boom Products, Adobe Products and more like Website hosting for you. It doesn’t seems much interesting right? Well, the main thing is that If you buy anything from my website, you’ll get ‘cash-backs’ exclusively from my side. You are right. And If you want a website for your self, I’ll give 50% off discount coupon to the first 10 shoppers per month (I’ll increase the number if I get more shoppers/request) and also cash-back from my side to everyone who buys.All official discounts will still apply. :)I guess that’s good.But the most important thing I’m adding is that:=>The live online class will be for teaching online at a very low rate. So, that means you’ll be able to learn from any corner of the world until and unless you have an internet connection. Right now, I won’t be able to provide you more details but here are few. The courses will be:If you are new to the animation field or at least you are new to 3D, this course will teach you the software MAYA from the ZERO level. If you want to be an animator in 3D or would like to get some hands from 2D to 3D, this is it. It will cover all the topics in MAYA that are necessary for Animating/ for animators. It will not teach advance tools for modeling or rigging or rendering or those stuff in depth but the basics of this stuff will be taught. It will totally be focused on the tools that are needed to know by an animator to work on a production level. The Class’s Mentor has completed the certified Animation Mentor Maya Training program called ‘Animation Mentor Maya Springboard’ in the year 2008. He has graduated in B.Sc. Animation and multimedia from Birla Institute of Technology.And will complete Advance character animation from Animation mentor in September, 2010.He is currently working o an independent 2D feature film. If you haven’t heard about Animation Mentor, it is the best animation school in the whole world to teach character animation. The mentors in Animation Mentor are those who work in studios like Dreamworks, Disney, Pixar, etc.Future plan includes adding new classes.One of them is ‘FUNDAMENTALS OF ANIMATION’ in 3D but it is not software oriented. So, it can be done in 2D too.I’m trying to get the classes in a very low rate. But to get it started, it is taking some time and money for me. I’m also looking for some fund to get the website going and to host in a secured server as I’m not taking any personal profit from this project, It’s for the people. Its for the Animation community.If you would like to contribute, you can do it through here:,’ve also some rewards for the funders. Or, If you would like to contribute me funds directly, please e-mail me. You’ll still get all the rewards mentioned in those website.Thanks a lot.Even if you don’t want to fund, Please leave comments. I’ll be humbled. :slight_smile:

Your plan seems really nice. Really want to check out your site soon. I also liked the Idea of online classes.


Thanks Rock7,

Your comments are appreciated. I can also see that you have contributed fund in this project through IndieGoGo. Thanks a million.

I always knew that this community rocks. Hope everyone agrees.

Hope this website turns into reality soon.

I just received a confirmation: “Maya For Animation” will be approx 15 USD per live class. I guess that its really affordable. It is targeted to someone who has very little to no knowledge of 3D. I don’t have the syllabus, so I don’t know about how many live classes consists in the whole course. Might be one or 2 per week. I also got informed that there will be Cash-back if someone don’t like the classes though there are some terms which I don’t know yet. Is it good?

Count me in :smiley: