Toon Boom animate Pro modules

I’ve recently been getting into some serious animation with animate pro and its really powerful, I’ve been exploring the network view quite a bit, and so far things are going quite well despite the fact that I only know how half of the modules in AP work.

I was just wandering if there are any tutorials that explain the use of each module?
I can’t help but think That I’m missing out on something because of my ignorance of half of the modules in the library. I also get the idea that I’m making compositing quite more tedious than its suppose to be since I don’t utilize half of the modules.
But I guess with a little bit of playing around I’ll get it eventually?

It would be really great to have an idea of how each individual module works.

Great! Perfect!


If you check out your user guide, available through Help > Help… , there’s a chapter called Enhancing With Effects. This chapter goes through each one of the effect modules one-by-one, and it’s what I always refer to when I forget what a module does or how to use it.