toon boom animate pro 3 on surface pro 2 (2nd computer activation problem)

installed toon boom animate pro 3 on my surface pro 2 (was looking forward to draw with the pressure sensitive pen on the on screen) and tried to activate TBAP3 but find out that I can only have TBAP3 on one machine active at a time
whats up with this?

( must deactivate on desktop, activate on second computer etc, then when Im on desktop computer, must de activate on 2’nd computer) I got tired of writing this, imagine actually doing this headache process just to be able to run toon TBAP3 on 2 machines…

so this made me sad and disappointed…

I could install my adobe cs6 production premium on surface pro 2 and could run the programs without licensing issues… because they support 2 machines at a time

so I had to uninstall TBAP3 and will try to do some rough animation in flash on surface pro 2 instead, thanks alot toon boom… :frowning:

Perhaps you misunderstood how the licensing works. You don’t need to uninstall the software. All you need to do is open the License Wizard and use the options:

Manage Licenses
Manage Local License
select the license and hit the return button.

On the other computer you activate the license as normal.
The entire license deactivation and subsequent re-activation takes
less than 5 minutes to achieve.

Hey rkriz,

I uninstalled it because I wont put it up with this “deactivate on 1 computer and activate on the other one” every time I want to run the program on both computers…

you see, my main audio/gfx workstation is 99% off line, except when I need network for windows updates and software activation…and then I plug out the network cable out of my ps3, in to main workstation and back again…

so 5 minutes would be much more for me to do this process every time, it should be as easy as adobe, cakewalk sonar x3, melodyne licensing works, you simply install and activate it on second computer, boom, done! no “deactivate-activate hassle”

hopefully toon boom will adapt too…