TOON BOOM Animate Pro 2 VS Harmony Advanced

Hi, I remember using Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 years ago and I remember seeing harmony and always wanting to try it but thought it was too expensive.

Until recently I saw an article about Harmony and the subscription method for Harmony family.

I was really excited as now I could afford it; even if just for a month or two, My question is

Is Animate Pro 2 equivalent to Harmony advanced? which is better?
Is Animate Pro 3 equivalent to Harmony premium? which is better?

Premium is quite expensive, and the comparison between Advanced and Premium are not very clear.

Do we need curve deformers? What about the node based compositing?

I remember Animate pro 2 had this feature, yet Advanced doesn’t have it?


only Harmony will be available unless you buy Animate or
Toon Boom Studio within the next 2 months, you are almost better off getting Toon Boom Studio if you get Harmony Essentials,
as far as Advanced vs Animate Pro it’s almost the same software,
Harmony Premium is better than Animate Pro it has importing 3D objects and 45 node effects, don’t remember if Advanced has Nodes, but it does have 12 effects and advanced drawing tools and great rendering, you can download and try each one out as a trial for 30 days

I’ve done some reading and according to some here

Harmony Advanced = Animate
Harmony Premium = Animate pro

But I think you are right Metal, Harmony Premium is better than Animate pro 3 as it is also more expensive

Animate, Animate Pro and Harmony share many things while Studio is more unique.

Animate Pro and Harmony are more alike than Animate and Animate Pro.

Animate uses layer based effects.

Like Harmony, Animate Pro uses node based effects.

Layer based vs. node based effects is a significant distinction.

Harmony Premium has more features and more of many things it shares with Animate Pro.

As for this:

“Harmony Advanced = Animate
Harmony Premium = Animate Pro”

It is more like this:

Toon Boom Studio is unique and a primitive example of traditional animation based software. It is being eliminated.

Harmony Essentials is a stripped down version of Harmony Advanced.

Harmony Advanced is closest to Animate.

Harmony and Animate Pro coexisted before Harmony 12’s 3-level structure. Harmony could not be equal to Animate Pro. There is nothing directly corresponding to Animate Pro. Its position in the Toon Boom hierarchy is being eliminated. There is a larger gap between Pro and Harmony than between Animate and Animate Pro in spite of sharing node based effects. Harmony Premium has a lot more capabilities and features than Animate Pro.

Harmony (12) Premium is closest to Harmony Stage 11.

So it would be
Studio => 0 => so you have to choose a level of Harmony 12
Animate 3 => Harmony 12 Advanced
Animate Pro 3 => 0 => so you would jump up to Premium
Harmony Stage 11 => Harmony 12 Premium

Toon Boom will only offer the three levels of Harmony 12 and above in the near future. Toon Boom had been offering 4 programs and the transition to three is not equally proportioned division. Going from Studio to a form of Harmony will be an apples and oranges change while going from Animate Pro to Harmony Premium will be a significant enhancement.

Is advanced even worth it in that case? It sounds those who use animate pro will run into the limitations of Advanced…

If you use Animate Pro you would want to go to Harmony Premium. Harmony Advanced would be a downgrade from Animate Pro. Owners of Animate Pro 3 could crossgrade to Harmony Advanced or Essentials for $0.

if you don’t have any toon boom software, get Toon Boom Studio and just upgrade when you have the money for Advanced, at least you will own Toon Boom Studio instead of renting it, great work can be made with Toon Boom Studio if you know how to draw well and animate, you can use After Effects or Premiere Elements to Composite and add effects

Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll have to watch out for future sales. That’s how I was able to afford Storyboard Pro a while back–at the time, it was actually cheaper to buy it on sale than it was to upgrade from the standard version.

I wish they would send emails to customers about these sales…the only way I ever find out is when another user tells me about them or I just happened to stumble into the info on another website. Otherwise, I would probably upgrade sooner than later.


I’m interested in seeing if there’s a discount for monthly rate for anyone who has purchased AP2. I bought and do not use AP2 for reasons. But the newest, best Harmony has potential.

Any feedback would be very appreciated.

Just replying to my own post in case anybody else was wondering about the upgrade cost.

Upgrading from Animate Pro 3 to Harmony Premium (perpetual license) is $776. I guess that’s a pretty decent discount considering the full cost of HP. Will have to think about that.


Initially it was $499 to crossgrade from Animate Pro 3 to Harmony 12 Premium. This intro price ended June 14, 2015. For a brief period it was significantly less money to buy a full license of Animate Pro 3 plus a crossgrade from Animate Pro 3 to Harmony Premium than it was to buy a full license of Harmony Premium.

Is this correct? I had purchased an Animate Pro 3 upgrade about a month or so before the announcment of Harmony Advanced.

After Harmony Advanced was released, I had emailed TB Sales about the possibility of a discounted upgrade for users who recently purchased the AP3 upgrade but never got a reply.

Anyway, thanks for the tip…off to look into this now. (Of course, I’m more interested in Premium though, since it’s what we have at my workplace.)