Toon Boom Animate pro 2 insert frames messes up in betweens

Hi I have only been animating about two months since i am learning for a university project. I have taken it upon myself to build a musical cartoon but the nature of my fast track to animation means it’s easy to miss things I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

here’s the problem, when I try to add frames to my project to sync stretch out my parts to a suitable length(partly to match up to audio) all the in-betweens on peg layers seem to get messed up. so key frames show the correct location but all movements appear to be out of sync or something. i don’t know whether this is due to poor use of expanding and collapsing pegs while doing the animation first time round or even when inserting the frames? a good solution would be if I could some how stretch out sections between camera movements without leaving a space I hope I’m just missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance for anybody who can help I really appreciate it especially with my deadline coming up.

here is my project so far just in case that helps

thanks again :slight_smile:

The Pegs don’t seem to be the problem as it persists when using the same hierarchy with drawings only

here are the results of the problem

but as i am animating the in-betweens, i first keyframe all existing frames in the top herarchy peg, then move them or add more frames.

i experienced strange body parts’ positions when there were no keyframes.