Toon Boom Animate or Animate Pro

Does anybody know, if I can draw real 3D objects with the normal Toon Boom Animate or is it only possible with Pro?

no to both.

no 3d support in animatie (although you can multiplane)

In animate pro you can rotate planes to add some depth but you can’t draw 3d objects.

cauze I saw a video on youtube
there i saw that I can draw real 3D surroundings but I wasn’t sure if it is pro or not =)

You can’t draw 3D objects in any of Toon Boom’s products. What you can do, however, is draw flat planes and rotate them in 3D to create some 3D-looking objects like buildings. This can be done only in Pro, not regular Animate.

If you link the Youtube video, then I can tell you what product they were likely using to accomplish it.

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