Toon Boom Animate Keeps Crashing on Snow Leopard

I’ve noticed that Toon Boom Animate crashes a lot on my Macbook Pro.
It meets recommended requirements so I’m not sure why it keeps crashing.

Is it because I’m on Snow Leopard?

Is there a driver or patch that I’ve missed?


due to such possible complications with my working software i’m still on leopard, but animate keeps crashing on my mb pro in particular situations. i’ve opened here a thread about it.


Thanks. Is there a new patch available?

Also a little off-topic but how do I fix slowdown when working? Because with some animations it I have to wait like 2 to 3 seconds when moving something.

I am experiencing the same problems.

I am working on a macbook pro with Snow Leopard.

When I double click a symbol with the select tool (alt+v)the app crashes, however if I double click it with the transform tool (alt + q) it usually stays alive.

Also when drawing, whenever I use the pencil the app crashes after a few strokes, usually.

However I found a way to use the pencil tool and not having the app crash. When using the pencil tool make sure that the “Auto flatten” option is on in the tool properties.

I’d love a patch thanks - don’t care too much for workarounds in high end software :wink:

The crashing problem is likely due to your computer running out of memory resources. The recommendation is to flatten the strokes that are drawn with the same color/brush combination.

Either use the auto flatten feature or do it after the fact once the panel is
completed. It may also benefit you to run menu->File->Optimize to get rid of assets not currently used in the project.

Note that drawing with a texture brush uses much more memory than drawing with a flat color.