toon boom animate is not opening

I recently got a new mac book pro 10.9.4, and I recently installed toon boom animate, and now for some reason it is not opening up I do not know why but every time I try to open it, it just bounces and the program never opens. please respond as quickly as possible.

(I am pretty sure it is toon boom animate 2 but I am not 100%.)

By “running” I just mean able to open the software and have it function properly.

So you installed Animate on the new system and have never been able to open the program and have it operational?

no it has never been operational(is not able to run).

Okay, so you installed Animate on your new computer, but since you’ve never been able to run it, is it safe to say you haven’t yet activated it? Or did you launch License Wizard?

The next two things I typically do in situations like this are 1) repair disk permissions using Disk Utility, and 2) trash the application’s .plist files in library preferences. These files could be dragged one by one to your desktop if you prefer to see if Animate launches (if it does, it will simply create new .plist files.) This would allow you to isolate a problematic .plist file, if that turns out to be the problem.

I only suggested trying the PLE (Personal Leaning Edition) as an experiment to see whether it ran on your new system. It is identical in every way to the full version except it has the noted restrictions.

Contact support by opening a support ticket. They are very good at figuring out what is going on in specific situations. We really can only generalize here.

There was only one .plist file that I could locate it was entitled com.toonboom.plist, I removed it and it had no effect on the software’s running capability.

I had also previously tried the disk utility it also had no effect.

And yes I had activated the software.

The older Animate you have may not be compatible with the version of operating system on the new computer.

I would download the PLE and see if that runs just to gain some information and rule out possibilities.

I am able to run the latest Animate and Animate Pro on my older OS X 10.6.8 but I can understand how it might not work the other way around with the latest OS X and an older version of Animate or Pro.

PLE? what Does that stand for? And where do I get it?

The PLE is free and you can use it indefinitely, but you are limited in output resolution and when you export your work it is watermarked with the ToonBoom logo. More importantly, any work you do in the PLE will NOT open in the full, licensed Animate program. You can get Animate 3 PLE here:

You might want to log in and re-download your licensed Animate 2 to make absolutely sure that you have the latest version installed. I know that Animate 2 will run in Mavericks (10.9) because I was doing so until I recently upgraded to Animate Pro 3. I was told by support that although they had to create an update for version 3 to run in Mavericks, no update was required for version 2.

By the way, I just happened to think of something. You mentioned that you uninstalled Animate 2 from your old computer, correct? You did not need to do so, but what you DID need to do is return your license to the TB server to deactivate Animate on that particular computer and free up your license. If you did NOT return your license, you cannot launch and use Animate on your new computer because your license is tied to your old computer. If this happens to be the case, your activation wizard should pop up when you try to launch Animate.

If you still have your older computer and did NOT return your license, a simple work-around is to simply reinstall Animate on that computer and then deactivate it. Uninstalling it is only necessary if you are going to sell the computer. Now your license will be available to activate Animate on your new computer.

More info and a tutorial:

Sorry that is what I meant by uninstall. I returned the license and reinstalled it on my new computer and now it refuses to run.

P.S. I don’t think I would like a PLE version, I’m trying to make a feature length film and I’m pretty sure that would not look so good

P.S.S. thanks for the advice though. (on the PLE version)

Can you explain more about what you did?

Was Animate ever running on the new system?

When you got the new computer did you freshly install the software or do some sort of cloning?

It sounds like the program has been corrupted.

I would backup the project files and resources, search the system for Animate files using FInder, delete everything then reinstall the software.

I’ll describe exactly how to completely remove software in detail if needed.

I had an older computer I had properly uninstalled it and reinstalled it on the new computer.

I do not understand what you mean by running, would you be able to explain further.

(p.s. it is animate 2)