Toon boom animate huge working file size

Hi all , I posted recently on using textures in toon boom animate and realise that some of the working files are ridiculously big. I did one of a character with different joints and textures and the file came up to almost 900mb. And this is just a static character. Anybody knows why or is there like a checklist on how to lower the file size of the working file in toon boom animate. Thanks!

What happens if you import small texture images that repeat tiled to cover major shapes regarding pixelation? With some texture designs, tile joints are not visible. This would be a light mode for use textures, largely used in web pages backgrounds. Regards.


Whenever you import bitmap files it will increase the file size, because it needs to create a texture out of that bitmap file. There are tricks for making the bitmaps appear blurry when working in the software, in order to speed up the graphics processing while you’re working, but you’re never going to be able to actually reduce the size of the file unless you reduce the size of the original image that you’re importing.

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