Toon Boom Animate has stopped working ???

Can anyone explain what’s going on… I start a project, then Toon Boom comes up, then before I can even start drawing… the screen momentarily blacks out, then shuts down and all I’m left with a message from Microsoft Windows…

“Toon Boom Animate has stopped working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.”

We have the same problem. But we use a Win7 host.

What kind of system are you using? Is this an integrated graphics system?

This will always happen on any OS if you are using an Intel Integrated Graphics system and have the usual drivers shipped with the system.

If this describes your situation, you need to go to the Intel Driver Download site and search for your graphics drivers. The drivers on the Intel site are usually way newer and improved from the official manufacturer’s drivers.

Many systems like HP and Lenovo will try to make upgrading the drivers difficult, but there are ways around this. If you are having trouble doing this, a local computer geek can help you.

I am not with Toon Boom, but I have repaired this issue often on many systems. No matter how old the system, I have ALWAYS been able to run Animate and Studio well, even with primitive drivers, even on Vista and Windows 7.

If I’ve confused you, post details on your system. Go to the Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager>Display adapter and tell me what you see on Windows XP. On Vista or Win7, you’ll need to do the equivalent. If it says Intel yada yada, you’ve found the problem. Those display drivers need to be updated ASAP. Don’t rely on official HP or Lenovo or whatever for the drivers. Go straight to Intel, where they are many generations newer. You will be glad you updated.

I hope this helps.


:frowning: dear
i am also have the same problem i have win 7 and i cant work on the program it closed and give me this message toon boom animat stopping work
my labtop is dell ,4 gb ram , card ATI mobility Radeon HD 5470 plz help me soon a you can
thank you :’( :’(

Immediate thoughts come to mind as I’ve troubleshooted this in previous months:
1. Check ATI’s website to see if the video graphics driver has been updated.
2. Switch out of “Aero” mode.
To do this: Right click on your wall paper. Choose “Personalize” then go to “Windows 7 Basic.” This will eliminate the glass appearance of menus and some of the gloss of Windows 7, but makes a huge boost for Toon Boom.
3. Never let your laptop go into “sleep” or “hybernate” mode while Toon Boom is running. It seems to really make the program unstable. If this happens, quickly save your work and restart Toon Boom. A reboot is usually not necessary.
4. Beware of background apps. iTunes seems to cause me a lot of trouble when I’m listening to music in the background.
I hope some of this helps.

Steven Mussey MD

(I am not affiliated with Toon Boom, but am a heavy user of the program.)

thank you dear i ll try ur rules thank you again
lamya :wink:

Thanks Steven for nice issues.Changing Aero to Basic helps me in another problem.(delay with Bamboo).

stevem ka bacha chup reh na

lamya tell nonsense no tthank u bcoz its (Toon Boom ) is a wasteful hazardous program
any help if u want pls contact
bcoz I am computer GURU