Toon Boom Animate Game Edition

Just an idea,

what IF Toon Boom develop a separate animation product that is targeted solely for Game Industry?

I only use Animate to do Game Animation and find Toon Boom User Interface can be troublesome to customized. IF they can just add those features required by 2D Game Animator, that would be awesome!

I believe If Toon Boom can create this Toon Boom Game Edition product, they can earn tons of customers, especially with their superb drawing tools




Hey Donny,

Do you mind shooting me an email with some feedback of how we can customize the interface for gaming?



Hi Donny, yes that would be cool. However Harmony has that feature for 2d gamers,already sos might be waiting for a long time for it to be introduced into Animate or Animate Pro. But we can hope. :slight_smile:

Cheers Richard