Toon Boom Animate for G3 compatible machines?

Hi all, I was wondering where the heck I could find an older version of Toon Boom that can work on a G3 processor on 10.4 I have a G4 desktop but even that one can no longer be used since the newest version of toonboom only supports G5.

I am a student and I do not have disposable income to get an intel based apple.

So if anyone could please help a guy out and point him in the right direction to find an older distrobution for students, please, I would like all the help I can get…

You cannot get an older version of Animate as this is the first release.
Maybe Studio had something.

If this is true, would anyone know where I would be able to aquire a needed copy of an older distribution of Studio?

the Toon Boom sales team are probably in the best position to help you…
contact them at : and let them know what you are looking for (include your computer specs).