Toon Boom Animate Background and Importing problems/questions


Im trying to make a little cartoon as my first time trying with toon boom

Ive watched alot of tutorials and have done the practice sessions they offer

the cartoon im trying to make is similar to this…

but im drawing actual vector characters not stick figures…

and the background Im using as a forum

the whole deal kinda goes the characters jump out of their avatars and start to mess around on the forum page

Im trying to import the forum page as the background and the transform marks come up but you cant see the page…

secondly I imported the different angles of the characters into adobe illustrator vectored them and tried importing them into Toon boom

they came up as a flat image and you cant select the lines like you can in illustrator

My tablet is broken and i dont really wanna trace over the images with my mouse

can anyone help me with file formats/types and how I can import these files so I can begin cutting and making my puppets?


I imported the background as a PNG file and it works but its all fuzy in the camera view…

There are two possible reasons why an image can look fuzzy in the camera view. Either you have imported the image into a project and fit it to the camera and stretched it (taken a smaller resolution image and scaled it up) or you have it’s being affected by the preference that limits the resolution of an imported image in the scene. This is activated in order to improve the performance of the program.To check, go into the Render View. Is it still fuzzy when the frame renders? If yes, this indicates that you have scaled up a smaller-sized image. If no, then this means the preference is limiting the size.You can find this preference in Edit > Preferences > Camera tab, then at the bottom it’s called “Small Bitmap Resolution”. By default I think this is set to 512. What this preference does is every time you import an image, it limits the size that is displayed in OpenGL to 512 pixels. So if, for example, you import a screencap that is larger than 512, it will look blurry on import.If you change this preference, then it will affect every image that you import from then on.If you just want to change the amount for this drawing layer, then what you can do is exit the preferences without changing the value. With the drawing layer selected in the timeline, go to View > Bitmap Image Quality. You can drag the slider to the right to improve the resolution of that image in OpenGL. Just beware, that when you do this, it will slow down the performance of your machine. Regarding importing illustrator files with layers intact, please view the following thread in the Tips and Tricks section:;action=display;threadid=1701~LillyToon Boom Support

Cool thanks I actually did a camera test on the background and it came out fine so it was just the preview screen “dumbing” it down for performanceas for importing my character i just traced him in toon boom and used the contor tool… took a while but it worked and it looks less paint shopped lolthe only problem im having now is on a couple levels since I have all my parts cut out and im cleaning them up and ordering them in the higharchy this is my problem example:say you have a front view and a back view of a character and the head in the front view is infront of the torso…now when you start to order the back view of the character the head is infront of the torso (micronudged) how come your different perspectives link together like that when ordering your higharchy do i have to have another torso on top for the back view or when you save the diffrent views as templates you can re order them?this is a sample of my character im trying to create and I need to create 3 more characters just like this one but in different colorscan i copy the templates for each view once im done and create a new color pallet and rename the parts for each character instead of repuppetizing 3 new characters and save each one as a new template?thanks for all your help

so far it looks like when animating you can micronudge each seprate template to get them in the right order can anyone confirm this?and also i think i know how to duplicate a character but im kinda still unsure about it

yes micronudging is the way to go (with the animate button on if it is different for the different layers).I would just save it all in the library as a template, then you can reuse whenever you want.

OK so even tho when im making a puppet in all the different views if the head shows up in the wrong order based on the previous views once i save them all separate I can go in and change them?

You put the animate button on and nudge if the head is in the correct order in one view but not another. That way you can make them into the correct order in all the views.

Ohh OK i think in the tutorial when they show you how to do the other views they should of included that in there some where because before I posted the issue on here i spent a couple hours trying to figure that out and I kept getting frustrated

You are talking about the kickstart tutorials right?I am pretty sure they do include it at some stage towards the end of the character design. Avtually i think it might be in the animation section of it.It is a pretty useful solution when you think about it and something you can use in lots of other situations too.

So yes indeed, when you are nudging the parts back and forth, if you have “Animate” turned on, then this will create a keyframe. This is what allows you to have a different position in different views. Otherwise, if you create no keyframe (Animate turned off) then it will move it in all the views.Regarding the colours, you can have multiple colour palettes on the same character. What I would do is select the first colour palette that you have, then right-click and select “Clone Palette”. This can be your colour palette for version B. Then you can adjust the colours, and it will automatically update those colours on your character. Whenever you bring your template into a scene where you’re going to use it, you will simply need to click to select the colour palette that you want to use, and you’re good to go!Another trick regarding colours - if you want to create variations on your colour palette, for example for a night time scene, you can clone your palette and then right-click on it and select “Tint Panel…”. Select all the colours you want to tint, then turn the Amount up a bit, and for example for a night time scene you’ll want to turn up the blue and turn down the Value. Make sure you click “Preview” so you can see it in action. Then, in just a few clicks, you already have another palette set up!~LillyToon Boom Support

AWESOME!!!the more and more im learning about this program im loving it more hahacant wait too finish my cartoon short now that I can move forwardeverything else I have a pretty good grasp on thank you for all your help once yet again

Just to clarify somethingI just Cloned 3 pallets off my original now inorder to import 4 seprate characters to animate do I import the one 4 times and change the color pallet on each one to make them seperate characters?

There’s two ways of doing this. If you want multiple characters in the same scene, then you can Duplicate the palette instead of Cloning it - but in this case, you need to re-paint the original with the new duplicated palette.If you clone the palette, then what you need to do is you need to add a Colour Override onto the different versions of the character. For Animate, drag and drop your layer onto the colour override layer. For Animate Pro, connect it in the network. Then Double-click on the Colour Override layer to get the options for it to pop up.What you want to do is you want to select, on the left hand side under “palettes”, the name of the cloned palette that you want to use for that character. Then drag and drop it over onto the “Palette Override” section. Now this will apply that clone to the character.Sorry I should have told you that originally! Hope it works out okay, let me know if you have any issues.~LillyToon Boom Support

haha no prob I cloned all the pallets already so Ill prolly do it that way since the whole cartoon is very 2dthank you for all your help with out it I would prolly be smashing my head against the computer screen by now lol