Toon Boom Animate 32-bit OS?

I honestly don’t understand how the developers of Animate 3 would make a 64-bit program totally disregarding the possible majority 32-bit crowd. I mean shouldn’t 32-bit be the first in the making before developing a 64-bit ver., since 64-bit OSs can run 32 bit programs just fine. I purchased this program expecting it to run both on my x64 and x86 systems, just to see my x86 system fail to run it. This doesn’t make me upset though. What upsets me is the fact that when I purchased it, there was no visible eye catching info stating to me that this program was a x64 program only. Usually when programs are developed they’re made for both versions. Is there something I’m missing here that the developers would only make a x64 version, and when will the x86 version be released ?

Thank you

This is just my opinion.

Knowing what is involved in full utilization of the software TB probably did not consider 32-bit an option while they realized 64-bit was imperative. It would be sort of like thinking “What is the point?” If you have software that needs the functionality that 64-bit provides to offer a crippled option would not do anyone justice. The other software that is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit may be able to do something worthwhile under the limitations of 32-bit. I would figure that one could not do enough in Animate 3 so TB has not offered it.

The other thing to consider is that everyone is moving towards 64-bit system capability. In some contexts you are better off aiming for the future rather than hanging onto the past. Programs like Harmony, Animate and Animate Pro benefit from power and RAM utilization. Trying to remain compatible with older systems can be shooting yourself in the foot. When the prime objective is to offer increased functionality, it can demand the most capable systems and exclude anything less.

That’s true that 64-bit is more powerful and faster, but that doesn’t mean 32-bit is dead. Windows 8 is the new operating system in the line up for Microsoft Windows, and as you can see they still offer 32-bit as an option of purchase. I mean that’s enough to show that it isn’t dead, right ? The latest products in Adobe’s collection are hands down the best and most powerful tools on the market and are arguably incomparable to most, and they still offer 32-bit. So why not TB ? I find it hard to believe that Toon Boom Animate 3 is that power for it to be impossible to run on 32-bit system. This is literally the first program I ever came across in my life that’s ONLY 64-bit, and it still baffles me.

An operating system will most likely be the last thing to abandon 32-bit.

You make a good point about what is still offered in both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Again, this is just my own opinion…

TB may be big in the industry however they may not have the budget to accommodate what would be involved in supporting 32-bit.

I just learned from TB Support that Animate and Animate Pro do not support dual screen so you cannot save a workspace and have it reopen properly. You can spread everything out on two screens but the software will not properly save a workspace for it. People have reported identical problems in Harmony that I experienced in Animate Pro. Yet in the official tutorials they state that people typically use two screens so why hasn’t TB implemented the ability to properly save a workspace for a dual screen setup?

They do not adequately moderate the forums either. Just look at all of the spam that gets in and is not removed. I have even considered volunteering to routinely clean the spam from the forums.

It probably comes down to prioritizing limited resources.

BTW, it does state in the system requirements that 64-bit is a minimum requirement.

“Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit), 7 (64-bit)”

Older versions of the program are 32-bit. The license for the newer version should allow you to also run the older version. If you need the 32-bit version contact and request it (mention which O.S.).

BTW, for anyone besides this rude, AdamMZ, who happens to pull up this thread…

The PLE versions were not created for beginners learning how to animate. They have been created to acquaint yourself and experiment with the software to see whether it meets your needs and is something you feel you can use. The PLE’s are identical in every feature to the purchased license versions except that the PLE produces a watermark and the files created with it cannot be opened in a purchased license version. In Studio and Storyboard Pro the PLE is also limited to a set number of days and eventually expires. The Animate and Animate Pro PLE’s have no time restriction. All are just as high up the ladder as the purchased license versions. The “beginner” level is Studio and it is 32bit.

PLEase. They made a PLE version, which is for the beginners, and most of them use 32 bits.

So your opinion fucking sucks. I’m just gonna fucking pirate this shit. Flash is probably doing better, but fuck me it’s fucking expensive.