Toon Boom Animate 2 Tutor (in person or online)

I’m new to animating in TB after spending a few years tinkering with (and teaching) basic Flash. I work as a freelance cartoonist, so my drawing chops are good, but I’m getting frustrated with having to browse through tutorials to answer very specific problems that I run into as I make my first shorts in TBA2.

Basically I’m looking for an experienced TBA2 pro animator to give me a weekly hour-long lesson, go over my current projects and guide me through the steps to streamlining my workflow. I’m based in Mountain View, San Francisco bay area, so either in person or via skype would work. Please reply to this thread if you’re interested and lemme know rates/availability. Thanks!

If you don’t find anyone from the community to help you out, you can always contact and someone can help to get a trainer to connect with you once a week from here.