Toon boom Animate 1&2 and Animate pro

;D ;D ;DHey guys,

sorry for being such a noob. I have been looking on materials to Animate vs Animate 2, but I’m still confused what has improved.

Can anyone care to share?

Also how is Animate pro 1&2 over Animate? I know Toon Boom has advertised it, butI was hoping to get some user experience to pros and cons. The more specific the better! ;D


a couple of nice features were added to v2. Ik was improved, Distribute to layers etc… The main feature is that overall performance was improved. In terms of how animate compares to the pro version… Essentially Animate = Flash AnimatePro = Flash + AfterEffects.

awesome thanks!

I may look into upgrade into animate 2

Animate does not equal flash

Animate > Flash (than means Animate greater than flash for people not as nerdy as me :slight_smile: ) for doing animations, how flash has web interactivity.

A lot of people use Animate in a Flash workflow (that shows you how much better Animate is than flash in the area it that is specialises in).

For me the biggest plus for Pro is the being able to rotate planes in 3 dimensions (and thus build objects).

The other big plus is the network view and effects.

You can download the PLE and try for yourself :slight_smile:


if animate is not = to flash then why does ToonBoom have a blog called “create better flash animation” which is all about animate Lol ;D

because you can “create BETTER flash animation” in Animate ;D

The two big ones were touched on. The ability to maintain a 3D space in a 2D software is absolutely amazing! You can get some really intricate shots here.
Also from a workflow perspective, the network view is so much easier to organize then just using a timeline. The network view itself is worth the extra money, but also the number of modules that come with the Pro version give you better effects and certainly make animating a lot more enjoyable. If you get into a studio situation, the Pro version will help you adapt to Harmony a lot easier.

Network view. You don’t need another reason, this is made of pure awesomeness.