Toon Boom and Final Draft?

I seem to be missing something in my purchase of Storyboard Pro?From what I gather, SBP accepts only Final Draft 7-Tagger 1 XML script structure for import but I bought Final Draft 8. The latest greatest. Supposedly, this is a fix in the next release but yet months have gone. All of the marketing material touts seamless workflow on Toon Boom and Final Draft but makes no mention of this version (except in a side e-tutorial that is confusing at best) difference.I really wish I could have known this information prior to buying. I could have bought Final Draft 7. Now I am stuck waiting for a new release (which I hope I don’t have to buy) to get functionality. I have projects that could use the easier workflow over having to export text files then organize cells manually.Is there info on the new release date or is there a better workaround with Final Draft 8? Serious marketing failure that should be corrected. I do love this product just wish it would function as claimed. $900 is a lot of bread.JB

Storyboard Pro came out before Final Draft 8 and Tagger 2. Storyboard Pro was integrated to work, as you say, with Final Draft 7 and Tagger 1. Naturally, there is a delay between when a new product comes out on their end and when we can support it on ours. If you actually go to the Final Draft website, on their partners page they list Toon Boom and specify that we support the use of Tagger 1. Here’s the link: of course this doesn’t solve your problem. We are developing a new Storyboard product that will be able to take advantage of Tagger 2. However at the moment your best bet is probably to contact Final Draft support and ask them if there is a way to export using Tagger 1 with Final Draft 8.If you are unable to reach a satisfactory solution, then go ahead and contact and they can try to find a working solution for you.~LillyToon Boom Support

Thanks Lilly,I will look into getting Tagger 1 and see if Final Draft 8 will work for that. I will post back later.I still think the marketing under features is misleading on the Toon Boom Storyboard Pro site and the Final Draft text is microscopic when mentioned on theirs. It would be nice to straighten that out for new customers.I am glad there is a fix coming. I will contact sales at Toon Boom if I can’t get a work around.JB

Here’s a workaround if you still have Tagger v1:Use FinalDraft8 to “save as” FinalDraft7 format.Open this file in Tagger v1.(It’s a bit jittery in Snow Leopard but it works. nb: you have to have at least one “Scene” element in your file or the tagger won’t handle it.)Export as XML.Import into ToonBoom Storyboard pro.worked great for me.

About a month ago I got feedback from Final Draft Tech VP stating that they discussed with Toon Boom about changing the features page to state that the program currently only works with Tagger 1. I am not sure if this was done.They also mentioned that Tagger 1 can’t be bought or downloaded for free separate from Final Draft 7. I already sunk my money into Final Draft 8 originally and don’t have FD7.So unfortunately I am stuck waiting for the update. Just don’t charge me for it Toon Boom!

The Final Draft web site has, for at least a month (the last time I checked) already stated that Toon Boom works with Tagger 1.As you say, Tagger 2 will be supported in the next release of Storyboard. Storyboard 1 and 1.5 were programmed to work with the software that was available at the time, and that was Tagger 1. Thank you for your patience.~LillyToon Boom Support

Actually, I meant Toon Boom’s website. The feature’s page still doesn’t distinguish an older version of Final Draft or Tagger which lead me to purchase the most recent version of FInal Draft. Which lead me to having a copy that doesn’t work yet even though FD 8 has been out for a year.

Ah now I understand - this makes more sense. I did not check the detailed features page of Storyboard Pro before, but at least now it mentions the support of Final Draft up to version 7. soon as there is a new release of Storyboard, it will support the latest Final Draft version.Thank you for your understanding.~LillyToon Boom Support