toon boom 7.6 CRASH!!!

after about 10 minutes i get “toon boom has stopped working” and then i have to close the programe and start from new any help???

Could you give us some more information? What is your OS, what are the specs of your computer? What does your scene look like? Do you have many drawings, elements? Do your hardware specs meet the system requirements to run the software?

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:’( I’m having the same issue!! Toon Boom Animate 7 .6 closes down after 5 minutes of use. Does anyone know what is the problem? I know my computer can handle this program because it is built for graphics and video editing.

My pc specs:
Toshiba Satellite P505

Processor 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6600
Memory 6GB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz
Hard drive 500GB at 5,400rpm
Chipset Intel GM45
Graphics Intel GMA 4500MHD
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium
Dimensions (WDH) 17.4 x 11.6 x 1.6 inches
Screen size (diagonal) 18.4 inches

I hear some people suggest I should update my hardware? But which one and how do I do that? Please pardon my ignorance, I’ve never updated hardware drivers of any tipe. Please help!!

Thanks to anyone in advance,


It is most likely due to your graphics card. Our software doesn’t run very well with the Intel Integrated graphics card - we have had other users report problems with these cards before. That is why under the system requirements for Animate on the website it states:

NVIDIA® or ATI® Video card fully supporting
OpenGL with 128 MB of RAM

Is there any specific action that you’re doing that is causing the crash, or is it just that the app stops working while you’re drawing?

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Hey Lilly thank you for taking the time in replying.

This happens when im in the middle of animating, drawing with the pencil or brush, when i’m coloring etc. And i’ve timed it too! It always closes after 4:
30/5 mins.

Is there a workaround so that i dont have to buy a new graphics card and instead can afford to buy this program?

Thank you again,


There’s one last thing you could try. Although this says for TabletPC, try following the instructions in the following knowledgebase article:

If that doesn’t work for you then I’m afraid there’s nothing much else you can do.

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Hey Lilly, is a “tablet pc” means a LAPTOP? Because i have a laptop…anyway i will still give it a try.



I use a laptop with the same chipset. Use driver version and change the desktop theme from “Aero” to “Window Bthasic 7”. I have not haad anyh issues with this setup.

Thank you, IHAYES!

Can you please expand more about how to change those settings in my laptop from Aero to “Bthasic7”? Also I have Windows Vista 64bit…do you have the same Windows version?

Thank you.


That should have read “Windows Basic 7” (sorry typed too fast). Right click on the desktop and select “personalize”. You should be able to switch desktop themes. I am running Windows 7 home premium 32 bit, but the settings are the same.

The driver version I gave you might only work for 32 bit. It is best to download driver updates from Toshiba rather than Intel. I have an HP and that is where I get my driver updates from.

Alex I thought you said initially that you had Windows 7?

If you’re on Windows Vista, you can try to disable Aero from your Mouse Pointers by right-clicking on the desktop, go to Personalise, then click on Mouse Pointers. Under the Pointers tab, for the Scheme dropdown menu select None.

For Windows 7, you need to change the whole theme. I explained this somewhere else recently - right-click on the desktop, hit personalise, then you can select your theme. Select Windows 7 Basic as your theme, not aero.

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Lilly and Ihayes: thanks for the replies.

Lilly, I’ll give that a try. Yes i have Win Vista 64bit. This’ll be my last attempt in trying to make this work. I know upgrading my video card is not an option; doing so would be costly since i have a laptop. I will post my results.

Lilly and Ihayes: thanks for the replies.

Lilly, I’ll give that a try. Yes i have Win Vista 64bit. This’ll be my last attempt in trying to make this work. I know upgrading my video card is not an option; doing so would be costly since i have a laptop. I will post my results.

I have the Intel internal video and was having a lot of crashes. I couldn’t work for more then a few minutes at a time. I reduced the graphic acceleration a few notches, not all the way, and it has helped a lot! Sometimes there are drawing artifacts but these are easily cleared by pressing the space bar.

The Intel integrated video is a common cause of crashes in Animate. The good news is Intel has upgraded the drivers so you do not have to turn down or off hardware acceleration.

You may need to have a computer geek help you. I’ve found official vendor sites do not tend to have the latest video drivers available and even tend to use techniques to block your upgrades. If your drivers are more than a year old, you will probably see an improvement with a driver upgrade. Even new computers are often shipped with old drivers (though Windows 7 seems better about this).

Check out your drivers, search the intel site, and then upgrade. I’ve found this makes a huge improvement in stability.

Good luck!


I did try to update to the latest Intel driver but the upgrade failed and told me to get the update from my vendor. I went to the Dell site but the driver is the one I am using and is older.

How can you get the Intel driver to install?

I ran into the same problem with my HP and Lenovo systems. In XP, I got around the glitch by using the following technique:

(Warning, my memory isn’t what it used to be and this was many months ago)

1. download the intel drivers. Don’t use the “exe” versions. Pick the “zip” format and then uncompress them.
2. Boot in “Safe” Mode
3. Go to the device manager. Find the display adapter. Go to Driver and then Update Driver.
4. The Wizard appears. “No, not this time” regarding windows update.
5. "Install from a list or specific location"
6. “Browse” and find the location you saved and uncompressed the zip drivers.

This bypasses the “safety net” your vendor has placed to prevent you from screwing up your machine. Back up your data. Assume the worst. This action may void your warranty, crash the stock market, destroy your work, and lose the war for the allies. I am not a Toon Boom employee and simply post this because I found it to be helpful on my machines. I always back up my machine with Acronis, which allows me to restore my machine after catastrophic misadventures.

Good luck, but be careful! Power computing is not for sissies!


hey Stevem641: I did go to the Intel site to update my driver, but when I opened up the Animate program, it still crashes on me! : (

Maybe I should take it to one of those geeks in Best Buy or some other tech store…

Thanx anyway.


Dang! The other trick I learned is to adjust settings in Animate. In the “Preferences” section, you can adjust opengl, drawing and other settings that dramatically reduce machine demands. You lose some of the ability to see your textures, but the machine stabilizes.

Remember, Animate is designed for machines with a reasonable video card and integrated graphics are way underpowered. Having said that, I use the program all the time on tablet pc’s with wimpy integrated graphics.

When I was at CES 2010, I had to crank out animations quickly and loaded a prepared animation that I’d created on my desktop. At CES, I only had my Fujitsu laptop tablet and the program repeatedly crashed. I adjusted the settings that limited texture viewing and the program did well. I had to accept the reality that my tablet was underpowered, but it did the job once I limited and used the proper settings. I’m sure the issue is video memory and RAM.

Can someone at Toon Boom note the settings that limit machine demands? I used a lot of trial and error at the time, but it worked well.

Don’t waste your time taking your machine to “Geek Squad” services. You have already exceeded their abilities and demonstrated good machine knowledge by upgrading the drivers.

I am very excited about the HP Tablets (TM2 is the model number) that can be configured with a dedicated graphics option. I’m stalling until they upgrade them to the core i5 series later this month (maybe), but I think they might be great machines for Toon Boom at a reasonable price.


i know mine crashes whenever i try something as difficult as colouring in my eye. :’(