Toon Boom 7.1 Glitches

Hi, my name is Diego, i got 6 Toon Boom Studio 7.1 licenses 3 commercial and 3 academic the problem its the same on both licenses.

When am working with the bones tool, a glitch happens, even working in the same way of every tutorial you got. I bought the cape tutorial and am doing the same steps, concluding with the same problem, drawings in front of other drawings, (yes , first bone most be in back to stay behind) and the most critical: clipping lines, as i show in the video.

Please help, the problem its critical since i cant work or teach with the tool, every Mac that i got, fails, iMac 2011, Mac Mini 2011. Lion, Mountain Lion and snow leopard also fail.

The video shows both of the problems, if i am doing something wrong, please let me know what it its.

I already send this to support :wink:

Thanks and good day :wink: :slight_smile:

try to put the pieces of the body in own drawings/layer - so you can arrange the depth.
Unfortunately, the most tutorials are not free.

Hi yes, i try that, but two things:

1. This is no the way that toon boom bones tutorials work, each tutorial in pdf and video are in one single layer, it´s simple and easy for young people, even the robo-skeleton works in one layer.

2. I´ll try the layer solution but don’t work, because the bones stay disconnected, the hierarchy doesn’t work, and if the character its complex requires a lot of layers. The line problems doesn’t exist, the layer order is fixed, but still its no the way to do it, because if i´ll move the torso bone, the other´s keep still.

Thanks the link video its attached :wink: :slight_smile:

In your video the character does not appear to be correctly assembled.
The head is not following the torso when it bends. If the head attached to the torso chain?

Remember that the layer order in the timeline defines the order that the images are placed on the screen (if you have not modified the Z-depth information which is the back/front placement of the element).

The order in the chain of the rig defines how the character will move.
Have a look at the downloadable templates and the robo skeleton examples.
If you are still having trouble then the workout series offers a cut-out bundle that may help with your rigging issues.