Toon Boom 7.0 VERY BUGGY

Let me start by saying that I really enjoy Toon Boom Studio and think it is an incredible product, especially for the price. I recommend it to people regularly. But I’ve been working a lot with v7.0 lately and I cannot believe how buggy the program is. Some examples:

– Periodically the Shift/command/M hot key does not work in calling up the Scene Manager
– Periodically the z,x,c, and v keys do not work to adjsut the view in Drawing View or Scene Planner View
– Periodically the “i” hot key to add key frames will stop working
– I’m sure the above problem with hot keys periodicallly just not working is happening for other hot keys as well
– This is one of the worst ones: when working in Drawing View, if you click into an exposure sheet cell, you will be unable to move left and right through the cells. The workaround is that you click into the Drawing area, then click back to the cells, which takes time and greatly increases the chance that you will leave unwanted marks on your drawing area.

I’ve been using Toon Boom for my work, and all of these bugs are causing a serious amount of delays and frustration. I realize I could move up to the professional level, but I really feel like basic bugs like these should be ironed out before a procut is put on the market. Is anyone else experienceing this? Any suggestions? Would upgrading to 7.1 solve any of these problems?


And I do enjoy all the new features, but are there any plans to fix these basic operation problems?


If these keyboard shortcuts are “periodically not working”, there must be some other program or feature on your system interfering with them. Sometimes when the system is overloaded, keyboard events are not properly recognized by the computer. Try shutting down unecessary programs, features and processes.

I’m having trouble too… windows keeps shutting it down.
I’m running V7.1
The error gives a Data Execution Prevention bubble.

Data Execution Prevention messages can come up if the software is requesting more memory than is allocated to it. 32-bit applications may access up to 1.7 GB of RAM. You may need to optimize the project or to split it into multiple scenes.

Also, if you are still running 7.0 go to the “My Products” tab of the members account under which the software is registered to get the latest 7.1 service pack release.

thanks for your response! while i do find that key shortcuts shut down more frequently in TBS than other programs, it does resolve to shut down other apps and/or restart TBS or the computer.

any advice on the inability to click directly in exposure sheet cells in drawing view without first clicking in the drawing area? i found it also works if you first move the slider at the bottom of the exposure sheet, then click into cells.

thanks again!