Toon Boom 6 activation

There seems to be an issue with activating Toon Boom 6. My product code features six sets of three characters each but the Toon Boom activation screen only has five spaces for the code.

Am I missing something? How do you activate Toon Boom 6?

I found the same problem.
I purchased as a bundle with Animate on the same order and tried using the product code from the order but that gave me an error as well.
In my account the Toon Boom code is described as a license but the Animate 2 code is called a product code. Both are the same lenght.

You can contact for your licensing issues.

i have this same problem
is nt this fixed,why?

I had this same problem but then saw there are two ways to activate your software. When the activation screen comes up select the Activate License button then the next page the Internet Activation button, then on the next page the Upgrade License button at the bottom. It has the extra slot for you serial. If you pick the Single User button which I did you get the one slot short. Hope this helps

Hi vvdaurri
you seems to be the best help here.
thanks a lot