Toon Boom 5 Training on the way

Hi everyone,

This is Dwayne Ferguson, the guy who did the VTC Toon Boom Studio 3.5 video tutorial ( I just wanted to drop in and say hello, first of all. So, helloooooo! Just some additional intel: I was the art director of the animated TV series Mutant League, creator of the comic book series Hamster Vice, and other cool stuff. I was also born in 1897. Maybe.

Second, I’m happy to announce that I’m in the studio recording the new training for Toon Boom Studio 5. It should be ready before this quarter ends. Lots of cool stuff in this one as well. In the meantime, feel free to drop by my site at and see the fun stuff I’m working on.

Take care and have a great 2010!


That sounds great! I really think we need as many training resources as possible!