Toon Boom 5.0 Install Failing, on Windows XP

The Install from the Download of ToonBoom 5.0 does not seem to be fully setup correctly.

1) There is no default install directory, it installs to the root of \windows
3) No previous versions are deleted (i.e. 3.4, 4.0, 4.5, etc.)
2) Install freezes and does not complete, thereby making it impossible to delete the partial install, as no record is being logged in installed programs in the control panel (WinXP) nor are the temprary files (installed in the root of Windows I assume) being deleted or other supported files (icon, exe, etc.)
3) When trying to actually give a directory to install too, too, it does not complete the install or help. I suspect the install package is not complied correctly or finished.

Is there a cleaner for partial ToonBoom installs?
Should I uninstall all previous versions?
Will the 5.0 check that I already have my QuickTime and Adobe Reader installed?

Even though the install stops midstream, and seems to not finsh installing, as I have too choose cancel on the install window, and no verification of a successful install prompts me; the icon does start the program installed in the root of \windows, and I was successful in activating it. I am just suspect, of a properly installed, and completed, install!

Jim, I noticed that the installer for TBS5 doesn’t uninstall any old versions. I upgraded QuickTime and Adobe before installing so I don’t know if it checks.