Toon Boom 4.5 problems with Wacom Intuos Pro


I have been using toon boom 4.5 for years now with a Wacom Bamboo and it has been fine, I recently purchased a Intuos Pro and it doesnt work, if you try to open any drop down menu toon boom freezes.

I uninstalled Toon Boom and reinstalled, this didn’t work I tried different compatibility settings this didn’t work, I uninstalled the Wacom Intuos pro drivers and this worked. I re installed the drivers and then it didn’t work.

I have since found out that there is a driver archive on Wacom Site so will try some old ones tonight but was wondering if anyone else has come across this? On a slightly seperate note since Windows 10 I have not been able to maximize Toon Boom on the desktop, I have to run it in a window otherwise I cant access any of the menus, I recently bought a new PC also and this happens on both the old one and the new, anyone else experienced this?

I may have to jump onto Harmony but seems a waste as Toon Boom 4.5 is still a great application.

Any help appreciated.

I am


EDIT: Just to add a few extra points:

On my PC I have to right click TBS and run as administrator or it doesn’t let me save any of my work, also I run the same program on my PC at work which is also windows 10 and I have no problems at all.

Like I mentioned I had exactly the same problem on my last home PC and when I say its a different PC the only thing that remains the same is a GeForce Graphics card, a GTX 980. Could the graphics card be causing issues?

I found out what the problem was with the maximizing if anyone else has it, I have a 21:9 monitor and TBS4.5 doesnt like that. As for the Intuos Pro problem, there is no solution it would seem :slight_smile: Look slike Toon Boom will get my harmony suscription.