Toon Boom 4.5 problems with Wacom Intuos Pro


I have been using toon boom 4.5 for years now with a Wacom Bamboo and it has been fine, I recently purchased a Intuos Pro and it doesnt work, if you try to open any drop down menu toon boom freezes.

I uninstalled toon boom and reinstalled, this didnt work I tried differnt compatibilty settings this didnt work, I unistalled the wacom intuos pro drivers and this worked. I re installed the drivers and then it didnt work.

Any help appriciated.


Well, I presume, you’re talking about Toon Boom Studio 4.5 ?
If so, you might have more luck in the Toon Boom Studio forum section.

Anyway, I still have Toon Boom Studio 5 on my system (OSX 10.11.6)
Wacom Intuos Driver 6.3.29-6. Everything so far works perfectly.

Contact Support:

Thank you for your help, I will post again in the Toon Boom forum, and thanks for the info however I am using Windows 10. I will try the older drivers though on Wacoms archive.