Toon Boom 3.0 calibration Issue

My pen does not mark accurately when used in Toom Boom v3.0, it marks about an inch off to the lower right of the cursor. I was just wondering if anyone has had or heard of such a problem/solution?

I have a Fujitsu T4220 Tablet PC SXGA with WinXP Tablet PC Edition.

It seems to only be a problem in the Drawing/Camera View Windows, as the GUI syncs up fine to the pen cursor.

Paint works fine, flash works accurately with where I touch the pen to the screen.

Maybe Toon Boom has its own calibration option I am not aware of, but when I hook up an external Wacom Tablet it works just fine.

I would appreciate any input/ideas.

Thank you,


I know we did some work for tablet PC support on version 4.0 of the software and added the a checkbox for Portrait mode support. This being said I don’t think we ever tested 3.0 under Tablet PC in the days so there is nothing specific in that version that I know could be changed to affect the calibration.

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