toon boom 2 and tablet issues

Hi, uhm, I create this topic for this issue I have in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2, and I’m not sure if it’s the program or the tablet. Either way, this is the problem.

I prefer to use my tablet (Bamboo fun) on mouse mode. Whenever I try to draw lines on Toon Boom Animate Pro 2, the actual line appears on another area of the work canvas, like, around 300 pixels or more away from the cursor. Sometimes I even click buttons on the menus with the tablet, and Toon Boom automatically starts drawing a line nonstop even if I didn’t click on the work canvas.

These problems only occur when using mouse mode. When I shift to pen mode, these problems do not happen. Is there any way I can use Toon Boom normally with my tablet in mouse mode? I would really appreciate the help!

I have this problem too! I like using my Wacom tablet on mouse mode because I find it more natural to move around. When I use it in Toonboom Animate the pointer/brush is always not aligned, it doesn’t happen in any other software that I’ve tried (Photoshop, flash, illustrator, corel painter)

I would be really grateful if anyone could help out on this problem.



Did you try deleting the tablet preferences and then restarting the application? Does the bamboo let you delete the preferences?

You can try for this one.