Toon Boom 15 open Toon Boom 14

Good morning, I have a question, I am a student of the UPV and we wanted to buy 6 licenses, the problem that there is in class we have the Toon Boom 14 and here we can only buy the licenses of Toon Boom 15, then, the files of Toom Boom 15 Can they be opened in Toon Boom 14?

Ideally you should upgrade existing licenses so that everybody would work with the latest version. But technically you can buy 15 licenses and use v. 14 or older versions. The best is to discuss your needs with Toon Boom Sales.

You might have some issues opening files from a more recent version on an older version that might not be able to deal with newer tools or improvements over existing ones such as deformation, etc.

Luis Canau