Toomboom harmony premium crashes when I try to export a video

whenever I try to export a video toom boom crashes, sometimes it give me an error " bad allocation" but most of the time its Toom boom harmony has stopped working ,
I didnt have this problem before it just started today and its with all the files, even the files that I had exported videos from before, it crashes the moment I click on export video, so I dont even get to edit the settings of the video.

Same thing happened to me today and I figured out that if you erase the format name (the “.wmv” thing) toon boom crashes.
So I tried keeping the .wmv and the exportation worked.

Sorry I’m kinda late, I hope you had already found another solution !

have you found a solution? this just started happening to me


If you’re experiencing similar issues, please email us at since we may need additional information remote connection to troubleshot the behavior.

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