Toom Boom crashes when duplicating a panel

Despite having grown comfortable using S/B Pro, I find that whenever I duplicate a panel (In the taskbar: Storyboards: Duplicate Selected Panels) T.Boom thinks about it then follows with a standard Windows statement apologising and needs to close the progamme. I’ve since got into the habit of saving everything before duplicating the panel in question, as well as auto-saving every ten minutes, but it would be great not to have this happen in the first place. I wonder if it’s to do with my pc operating system-graphics card? Can any of you boarders out there help?

Usually this indicates that your computer is running out of memory. Does this happen on a completely fresh scene? Or only on this scene that you’re working on?What is your graphics card?What is your CPU?How much RAM do you have?~LillyToon Boom Support

Thought they might blame your computer Benny… standard procedure that, it can’t be TOON BOOM, they’ve FULLY tested before releasing, lust like the last version. ;D

I assure you we have fully tested the software. It makes it difficult for us to diagnose the problem when you fail to provide us with relevant information. We need the information that I requested in order to find the problem. Sometimes, you will find that the solution is in fact quite simple, however we need to identify the problem first.~LillyToon Boom Support