Toom Boom 12 Premium Application Won't Open

Signed up for trial of Harmony Premium

Followed the prompts and downloaded everything.

When I try to open the application, it just tells me that:

“Stage cannot be opened because of a problem”

Did I miss something?

you need update display card driver lastest version,
maybe fix this problem.

I’m also getting this error, i upgraded my graphic card and nothing. help :frowning:

This is definitely something you should be working directly with Support on.

Could also be cause by security settings on Mac:
System Preferences-Security&Privacy-General Tab- set
“Allow Applications Downloaded From:” to “Anywhere”

Or on Windows by your antivirus program. Try temporarily disabling it or if it’s one of the really well-known ones (which don’t really disable at all - even when asked) try temporarily uninstalling the antivirus program and rebooting.