Tools sticks. Can't change tool before I click and reclick or select multiple times an other one.

I realy do hope someone else has an answer for this one bug (or is it?) :

If, for example, I select the brush tool (B), draw something, then want to select the eraser tool (E), the eraser tool is not activated, I’m still stuck with the brush tool. I have to tap multiple times on different keys of the keyboard to get it to deselect the brush tool and reselect the eraser tool. I will be able to swap tools correctly for some times before it’s stuck again on another tool. Sometimes, gently taping the tip of my pen frees it up from the tool. It is very annoying and a big waste of time.

I’m working with STB Pro 4.2, a mac and the Yinova pen and tablet. I doubt there is a problem with my keyboard, the pen or the tablet since I don’t have any glitches of this sort working with other applications.

Please help !

i have same problem …
what’s wrong?
Please Help