Tools Sporadic

I know my Subject Title is tacky, but I don’t know how else to say this:
sometimes the paint bucket tool won’t deliver. I can blow up my image quite a bit and I’ve tried everything and for some reason it won’t fill an area with color and others times it will. What could this be?

And, I’ve noticed that when I go to Set Exposure To and type in say 12 frames nothing happens. And, other times it works fine.

So, is the application quirky or something? I haven’t seen this in any other applications I work with. Not even in Toon Boom Studio, although maybe a very little.

You probably have gaps in your object which are causing the problem.

You either need to close the gaps or if the gaps are really small there are options in the paint tool panel to close gaps while filling.

I know and that’ s the first thing I looked for, but all of the gaps were closed. So, I wonder what else it could be?


Thanks for these tips. I will try them and see if they work. I appreciate your help!


I have never heard a report of this before. Have your turned on View > Show Strokes? When you do so, you will get blue lines for strokes, and the ends of the strokes that are not connected to another stroke will be yellow. So look for the yellow ends to find where the gaps are in your lines.

Also try the auto-close gap just to make sure.

The only other thing that I could think of that could affect your other problem is that in Animate you need to have the focus in the correct frame to do a command. The focus is the red outline that appears around whatever window you have selected. So if you’re working in the timeline, there will be a red outline around the timeline. If you’re working in the camera view, the focus will be around the camera view.

There are some functions that will only work when the focus is in the appropriate window. Set Exposure To is probably one that works only from the timeline - so just make sure the focus is around the timeline view.

Also it might help (or hinder, depending on your style of working) to set the preference for Focus on Mouse Enter (General tab of the Preferences window) to on. This will automatically move the focus to wherever your mouse is.

Hope this helps.